Shillong Teer result today 2021 ✅ Best Shillong Teer result

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Shillong Teer result October 2021  Best Shillong Teer - UCPMA.ORG
Shillong Teer result October 2021 Best Shillong Teer – UCPMA.ORG

What is shillong teer?

Teer game is a lottery game which is very famous in the state of Meghalaya in India, every day a huge number of people play this game to make their life better but some people can get chance to win this game, Shillong Teer game winner is decided by its teer quantity means the number of total 2 round of the game.

In the Teer game you can play a total of 50 teer archers who shoot a maximum of 29 to 30 teer in the first round and 20 teer in the second round which means the last round of the game. This game is a lottery game so play this game with your own risks.

You can get 2 minutes rest to shoot the next teer during the gameplay, and this is really awesome gameplay. Basically, this is an offline type of game where you need a ticket to play this game.

If you are new in this then it takes some time to understand the game, but you need to be 18+ if you are below 18 then you can’t participate in this game Shillong Teer.

How to play shillong teer game?

If your age is 18+ then you are welcome to this game you just need a ticket of teer game, the price started from 1rs to 100rs it completely depends on you how much you want to invest, but our frankly advice is to get any tickets, price does not matter on lottery game luck is matter.

This game is played 6 days in a week, Monday to Saturday, and you can check the shillong teer result at 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM on the official website Meghalaya teer.

On teer game each round 50 archers fire at least 300 arrows and over 1,000 arrows at the target, at which time the 5 teer officers count each arrow and take the last two digits of the number as a goal scorer.

If 538 arrows hit the target in Round 1, your score would be 38. And no one can provide the correct result before the final game result of teer, so please play it with your own risks, although people are from village who played this game so there is no any cheating things to do. Because for play this game officials pay them 300rs per day.

Shillong Teer Result Today – 24-10-2021

Herw we add a table to describe the Shillong teer result today, but NOTE >> We are update every day this table result to keep fresh data on our web page, if you want a complete moth result then please scroll down below this table.

Shillong Teer Result 24-10-2021.

DateFirst roundSecond round
24-10-2021Waiting Waiting

Teer game result for October?

Well, we create a table of content in this table. We update the teer results every day, you can bookmark our web page to get updated shillong teer results, please read below to know today’s result.

04-10-2021 4060

TEER Result – What’s this betting game?

Lottery NameTEER (Shillong)
CategoryLottery Game
Lottery Ticket  prize₹300/- to ₹500
Prize Money₹8,000 to ₹11,000
Shillong TEER Result releasedOnline
Today’s Date7 October 2021
Authorized byState Govt

Shillong Teer Result Today – FAQ

Shillong Teer result October 2021  Best Shillong Teer - UCPMA.ORG
Shillong Teer result October 2021 Best Shillong Teer – UCPMA.ORG

Q1. The most effective method to get Shillong Teer Common Numbers 

Ans – Shillong Teer Common Numbers are otherwise called Shillong Teer Target numbers. These Numbers are thought to be fortunate numbers. This numbers can be gotten from Shillong Teer Previous Results List you can actually look at the page! 

Shillong teer target || Shillong Result 

Dear Teer Shillong Users her you have seen today teer result shillong, But today likewise presents Shillong Robot Teer Beam! who will direct you quickly, any month old consequences of Shillong.

Just hit the hunt button in the wake of choosing your fortunate date. So Users you may likewise checkList/Chart perspective on our Previous Results of Meghalaya. We don’t have any kind of association with meghalaya teer affiliation 

Do Meghalaya and Shillong have the same teer counter? 

Allow us to recognize Shillong Teer Result Vs. Meghalaya Teer Shillong Teer Result Today Comparative Topic we previously talked about with the Khanapara Teer Game. Again the disarray arises with Meghalaya Teer Counter.

Presumably we are here to clear with you. As a general rule there is no distinction between the two points But still clients search the inquiries according to their convenience.

Clients look for shillong teer affiliation 2 existing outcomes and significantly more!. So we will prescribe you to disregard such issues arises in your brain related this point.

You can utilize both the themes Meghalaya and Shillong to arrive at this page. We rolled out adequate improvements to contact you and give the best outcomes to each address arises to you.

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