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OSEPA: The Government of Odisha is launched an Online portal name is Osepa, on this portal people can register their new school name or students data like mark sheet, students names, or any other school details like address or map location, this is a very good thing to find the result of school or students details.

So today in this post we are gonna tell you about the Abbott Gov online portal Osepa, also we will tell you how you can register to Osepa online portal, and how you can update the details, so stay on this post to get more knowledge.

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What is Osepa?

OSEPA - Odisha Education Programme Authority
OSEPA – Odisha Education Programme

Osepa is an online web portal for the education department, this portal was started by the Odisha government to make more easier and smoother for online school registration, which means you can register your school name and students details without going anywhere.

But some peoples are really confused about online portals that how can register to the website like Osepa, how can update details, how can access the website, etc. so if you are one of them then do not worry we are here, read this post carefully to learn better about Osepa/http://osepa.odisha.gov.in/.

How to log in Osepa?Osepa extended mis

To log in Osepa web portal you need a computer, although you can access this portal from your smartphone, but on a smartphone, you can not see the navigation better, so it better is to use a Laptop or PC for a better experience.

Now turn ON your network, and visit Chrome brewers on your system, you can visit this portal from any other browser like Opera mini, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, etc. but the measure of the people use Chrome browser.

Now Type Osepa on your web browser or you can search Osepa on Google search. Then you can see the official website of Osepa is in front of you, and now you can click on it.

You can visit this directly to the Osepa website by clicking on odisha.gov.in.

How to login into osepa.odisha.gov.in extended EMIS Portal?

OSEPA - Odisha Education Programme Authority
OSEPA – Odisha Education Programme
  • Now Open Management Information Center website.
  • Locate the Extended EMIS login form
  • Enter your Odisha EMIS User ID
  • Ender your OSEPA Odisha Password
  • Provide the code shown there.
  • Click on the button to login.

In This way anyone can easily login into the Odisha OSEPA EMIS online portal login page.

How to view School Profiles in OSEP?

When you login to the OSEPA Extended MIS module, you will get an option to check the School profile on that web page. And for that, you need to visit the School Module and follow these instructions to know better.

Well this is a very easy task and anyone can do this by just clicking some links, we provide the details below, please read it.

OSEPA - Odisha Education Programme Authority
OSEPA – Odisha Education Programme
  • Go to OSEPA EMIS portal
  • Open School Module in Extended MIS dashboard.
  • From the menu, Choose School.
  • Click on School Profile
  • A list of school profile will open in the screen.
  • Provide District Name, Block and Cluster
  • Choose School and School Management
  • Enter School UDISE Code
  • Mention School Category, Type of the school, Status and Infrastructure to View school profile in Extended MIS module at OSEPA Odisha website.

This is how you can easily check your OSEPA Odisha portal School Profile online.

How to edit/update School profile in OSEPA MIS portal?

  • Login to OSEPA School EMIS Module
  • Open School Profile option
  • In Edit, choose between Profile and Infrastructure
  • Enter new School profile update information
  • Submit the form and update profile

You can likewise download the School profile and framework subtleties in PDF from the OSEPA Odisha gov in site. 

OSEPA Odisha Extended MIS Student Record View and Edit

You can also get benefits of student services on the OSEPA Odisha EMIS online website.

  • View student record
  • Edit Student record
  • Student Admission and Add new student
  • View student history
  • Transfer student from one school to another
  • Add existing student in the school record
  • Update Student Aadhaar
  • View duplicate student entry
  • Update daily attendance of Student
  • Update monthly student attendance
  • View dropout student
  • Transfer student out of school
  • Remove student record from school
OSEPA - Odisha Education Programme Authority
OSEPA – Odisha Education Programme

To view or update student records in emisosepa.odisha.gov.in/ Osepa Odisha online portal Extended MIS, please follow the process we are providing below.

  • Go to emisosepa.odisha.gov.in
  • Login to Extended MIS module
  • Open Student Section
  • For Student record management, click on Manage Student option.
  • For new student admission entry, click on Admission option.
  • For transfer or Student in our out of school, click on Transfer option.
  • For student assessment, click on assessment option.
  • For other services, select Incentive or Exit tracking option

osepa.odisha.gov.in has an educator module for instructor profile update and survey instructor profile subtleties on the web. For that, you need to open the osepa portal educator profile login page at ntse.scertodisha.nic.in and follow these means.

How to login into Odisha OSEPA teacher profile page?

  • Go to OSEPA teacher profile link
  • Open https://ntse.scertodisha.nic.in/
  • Click on User Login option
  • Enter your USED ID and password
  • Enter some captcha code and login to the teacher profile page
  • Odisha OSEPA Teacher Public View Page

Teachers can also check their osepa teacher profile through the public school view page. To check view OSEPA teacher public profile, use the following methods

  • Open https://ntse.scertodisha.nic.in/
  • Select teacher public view option
  • Select district, block, level of school and submit the form
  • Your OSEPA teacher profile will be displayed there.

To check the profile, visit the following website – https://ntse.scertodisha.nic.in/public/Teacher-school-view.aspx

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