Money Heist Season 5: Netflix Release Date, Trailer & What You Need to Know

Guys, after watching many web shows I found the Money heist web series on Netflix, and I thought this show is a normal web series like others, but after watching this show I watch every day means I am crazy about money heist web shows, and I still waiting for next part Money heist season 5.

But some people don’t know about Money heist season 5, so in this post, I am gonna share some interesting facts about the Money heist web series and this can help you to decide if watch this show or not, and I also tell you how you can watch this web series for free and paid. So stay tuned.

What is Money heist web series?

Money Heist Season 5 || money heist season 5 release date
Money Heist Season 5 || money heist season 5 release date

Money Heist is a Netflix TV show which has 4 volumes and trusts me guys all the episodes are really enjoyable. This is a crime and thriller show and the suspense is really good there was a character named Professor and guys I really love him.

The entire show depends on the professor’s master mind-blowing plan, and he has plan A TO Z, normally we know plan A plan B plan C, but the professor have A to Z plan, everything is running in this show with the professor heist plan.

And this creates a unique concept and people love to watch it again and again, this also creates suspense and we all like suspense. When you feel bored while watching this show, the professor reveals a plan and Boom you feel what next?

So this is a crime drama and mastermind planning show, and in this show, all the people fall in love with all the heist characters, all the characters perform very wel,l and they really connected to the reality.

Also, you can experience some Blasting and firing like a war movie or an adventure movie, this is the reason people are still waiting for Money heist season 5.

Money heist season 5 release date?

Money Heist Season 5 || money heist season 5 release date
Money Heist Season 5 || money heist season 5 release date

Netflix already shared the release date of Money heist season 5 on the official youtube channel, and also the trailer is uploaded on the YouTube channel, you can watch it here or Netflix YouTube channel.

In this trailer, we can imagine what we are gonna experience on September 3 2021, which means Money heist season 5 will be released on September 3-2021.

But this is not a complete end Money heist season 5 volume 1 is released on September 3 and Volume 2 is released on 3rd December 2021 and maybe this date is going to be shifted so don’t judge me.

And some people search on internet money heist season 5 release date Netflix India, I can’t believe this why people are such stupid Netflix is a world wide OTT platform so the release date is same for every country. In India, Money heist session 5 was released on 03-09-2021/September 03-2021.

Money heist season 5 free?

If you are a Netflix subscriber then this is good news for you, you can watch it for free on Netflix, Money heist has many episodes on Netflix you can watch it just by paying a 199rs subscription per month, But I suggest getting multiple device subscription.

But if you want to be free then you can go with some illegal platforms, and in India, many people do not have money especially students they do not have money to spend on OTT subscription or any other works.

So if you are a student and you do not have money then go with Hd movies hub, RDX, or any other piracy platform to watch Money heist season 5 for free, but remember this is completely illegal work so be careful, we do not suggest you to do this.

Nor do we promote any piracy website. If you do not know what is piracy or how piracy platforms work then you can visit this post to know better.

What is my opinion for Money heist season 5?

If someone asks me how the Money heist web series is? Then I can definitely give him/her my Netflix details to watch and judge this show, I was really a big fan of Money heist season 5, so definitely I recommend this show to everyone.

But Money heist season 1 and Money heist season 2 have some adult content so don’t watch it with your family especially mother and father, if you do this then definitely ‘’Tumhara gand fatigue’’.

After watching this show I realize some people have real talent but our Industry does not provide a stage if they do this and our industry follows real talent then definitely Indian Bollywood is better than Hollywood.


In this post I share some Piracy websites but it doesn’t mean that I promote them, piracy websites always change their URL, and this is completely illegal, so don’t go with them better is go with a genuine way to watch Money heist season 5, THANK YOU.