Chetak lottery Result | Find best Chetak result in 2021

Chetak Lottery Result :

Hello players if you are a chetak lottery player then you are on the right place to know the latest live chetak lottery result on our website, here we share many various lottery results like Shillong teer result, Kolkata ff result, Lottery sambad, etc, and today in this web page we are going to share with you chetak lottery result which is very famous in Indian lottery pliers, so stay tuned.

Chetak lottery | Find best Chetak result in 2021
Chetak lottery | Chetak result

What is chetak lottery?

Chetak lottery is an Indian Lottery online portal where people can create an account and they can play the game and win lots of money from it, but this online lottery is only played by 18+ Indian people.

But note this thing >> You can not Buy the lottery tickets online, Purchase of lottery using the official website is strictly prohibited in the states where lotteries are banned. And you must be above 18 years to play the Online Lottery.

If you are an adult person then you are welcome to Chetak lottery or any other online or offline lottery like Shillong teer. After purchasing the lottery ticket you can see the result on the official website of Chetak lottery. And if you do not know how you can check the result or how you can play the lottery then please read below to know a better way.

How to play the Chetak lottery?

1. Create a free account to play the game

2. Login with your Login & Password

3. Play Panel Inside, Bahar & Jodi game can be played from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM in the morning

4. The result of the game is open every 15 minutes

5. Inside, outside ticket rate is Rs 11 and win amount is Rs 100

6. Jodi’s ticket rate is Rs 1.1 winning Rs 100

7. Inside out game has 0-9 numbers and A, B, C, D, E, F series

8. Select the draw time to play the game.

9. In the series A, B, C, D, E, F, you submit your bet on any one or more numbers.

10. To play a pair game, select a pair and submit a bet in number 00-99.

11. After the draw time the result is open by the computer

12. Result Matching

13. The first number of the result is matched with the inside

14. There is a matching with the second number outside

15. The pair of both the numbers is matched

16. If your bet number matches with the results then you win

How to login to the Chetak lottery?

To login the Chetak lottery portal is very simple, visit the official website of Chetak lottery, then scroll down below the section, and you will see the link/button to login or create an account on Chetak lottery website.

If you have created an account then you can login directly, and if you are new the click on the create account button. Now to login click on the user login button, then a new page will open in front of you where you can enter your details like user ID or Password, and then click login, and now you have successfully logged in to the Chetak lottery portal.

Chetak lottery | Find best Chetak result in 2021
Chetak lottery | Chetak result

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As asked, India has worked a lottery inside the state lotto computer games for a long time anyway many Indian gamers have gone online inside the one-of-a-kind years. It is clear to know why.

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Chetak Result result Today

09:00 AM957181622931
09:15 AM160057987362
09:30 AM730495411378
09:45 AM489133562084
10:00 AM334192377894
10:15 AM213771900441
10:30 AM471365498223
10:45 AM507936899225
11:00 AM644989300441
11:15 AM416069418997
11:30 AM324890522926
11:45 AM921332547867

12:00 PM







12:15 PM332004696221
12:30 PM909333822778
12:45 PM925678275062
01:00 PM133881658189
01:15 PM544072959684
01:30 PM274606293561
01:45 PM201520692445
02:00 PM528428486700
02:15 PM928827588129
02:30 PM381529414067
02:45 PM335206711982

03:00 PM







03:15 PM749670436011
03:30 PM502195377994
03:45 PM657058648197
04:00 PM485721844002
04:15 PM181187792624
04:30 PM327108522137
04:45 PM202970946731
05:00 PM191556716884
05:15 PM119356121190
05:30 PM463027008269
05:45 PM931437852569
06:00 PM072001698173
06:15 PM722973499082

06:30 PM







06:45 PM869122636470
07:00 PM665353540227
07:15 PM895665911330
07:30 PM031078861335
07:45 PM452447961559
08:00 PM421981500949
08:15 PM701165344068
08:30 PM217944494452
08:45 PM884632528911
09:00 PM078149769781

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