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Aaj Ka Choghadiya:

Aaj Ka Choghadiya : In our India, the custom and culture of seeing the auspicious time before starting any auspicious work is very ancient, so there is special importance of Choghadiya in Hindu religion to get success in any work. Although the people of today do not believe this, but there are some people who believe in these things, and today’s article is unmeasured for them.

Actually, it is believed that because before doing any work, our ancestors used to take the opinion of their family priest about it, and this practice is still alive today, it is said that if any work is done in good time If done in this, that work gets completed without any hindrance.

Some people can understand this as just a superstition, but for those who believe in religion and God, this Choghadiya is such a table which is the communication system in their life.

Aaj Ka Choghadiya is such a list in which you are given information about the coming auspicious and inauspicious clocks of the whole day and of course the night as well, and you can easily get the information of the inauspicious clock.

And I know why you have searched the word Aaj Ka Choghadiya in Google, and that’s why we are providing you complete information about Aaj Ka Choghadiya through a category, in which there are good and inauspicious clocks of the whole day, and this Gonna give you good information.

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What is Aaj Ka Choghadiya?

Aaj Ka Choghadiya Choghadiya today Best knowledgeabout Choghadiya 2021
Aaj Ka Choghadiya Choghadiya today Best knowledge about Choghadiya 2021
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 11 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:03:43
Sunset time- 18:31:36
Moonrise time – 10:18:00
Moonset time- 21:32:00

The Aaj Ka Choghadiya 11 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Kaal06:03:37 AM – 07:37:001 AM
Good07:37:001 AM – 09:10:25 AM
Disease09:10:25 AM – 10:43:48 AM
Excitement10:43:48 AM – 12:17:12 PM
Variable12:17:12 PM – 01:50:36 PM
Laabh01:50:36 PM – 03:23:59 PM
Amrut03:23:59 PM – 04:57:23 PM
Kaal04:57:23 PM – 06:30:47 PM

The Aaj Ka Choghadiya 11 September- night

Auspicious beginningTime
Profit06:30:47 PM – 07:57:23 PM
Excitement07:57:23 PM – 09:23:59 PM
Good09:23:59 PM – 10:50:36 PM
Amrut10:50:36 PM – 12:17:12 AM
Variable12:17:12 AM – 01:43:48 AM
Disease01:43:48 AM – 03:10:25 AM
Kaal03:10:25 AM – 04:37:001 AM
Laabh04:37:001 AM – 06:03:37 AM

Even though people reject the old technology as superstition or useless, but when the acquittal is their excess, then I can say with the claim that they always see the auspicious time, and this is the reason that thousands of on Aaj Ka Choghadiya on the search engine Searches are done, and we are providing you Kal Ka Choghadiya after Aaj Ka Choghadiya in the next category which will be helpful for you!

Aaj Ka Choghadiya  12 September 2021
Sunrise time-   06:04:13
Sunset time-   18:30:24
Moonrise time-   11:24:59
Moonset time-   22:15:00

The Today Choghadiya 12 September- दिन 

Auspicious beginningTime
Excitement06:04:007 AM – 07:37:18 AM
Variable07:37:18 AM – 09:10:28 AM
Laabh09:10:28 AM – 10:43:40 AM
Amrut10:43:40 AM – 12:16:51 PM
Kaal12:16:51 PM – 01: 50: 002 PM
Good01: 50: 002 PM – 03:23:13 PM
Disease03:23:13 PM – 04:56:24 PM
Excitement04:56:24 PM – 06:29:35 PM
Choghadiya 12 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Good06:29:35 PM – 07:56:24 PM
Amrut07:56:24 PM – 09:23:13 PM
Variable09:23:13 PM – 10: 50: 002 PM
Disease10:50:002 PM – 12:16:51 AM
Kaal12:16:51 AM – 01:43:40 AM
Laabh01:43:40 AM – 03:10:28 AM
Excitement03:10:28 AM – 04:37:17 AM
Good04:37:17 AM – 06:04:007 AM
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 13 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:04:42
Sunset time- 18:29:13
Moonrise time- 12:31:59
Moonset time- 23:04:59

Choghadiya 13 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Amrut06:04:36 AM – 07:37:35 AM
Kaal07:37:35 AM – 09:10:33 AM
Good09:10:33 AM – 10:43:31 AM
Disease10:43:31 AM – 12:16:29 PM
Excitement12:16:29 PM – 01:49:28 PM
Variable01:49:28 PM – 03:22:26 PM
Laabh03:22:26 PM – 04:55:24 PM
Amrut04:55:24 PM – 06:28:22 PM
Choghadiya 13 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Variable06:28:22 PM – 07:55:24 PM
Disease07:55:24 PM – 09:22:26 PM
Kaal09:22:26 PM – 10:49:28 PM
Laabh10:49:28 PM – 12:16:29 AM
Excitement12:16:29 AM – 01:43:31 AM
Good01:43:31 AM – 03:10:33 AM
Amrut03:10:33 AM – 04:37:35 AM
Variable04:37:35 AM – 06:04:36 AM
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 14 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:05:12
Sunset time- 18:28:0 0
Moonrise time- 13:39:00
Moonset time – 24:00:59

Choghadiya 14 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Disease06:05:007 AM – 07:37:52 AM
Excitement07:37:52 AM – 09:10:37 AM
Variable09:10:37 AM – 10:43:23 AM
Laabh10:43:23 AM – 12:16:008 PM
Amrut12: 16: 008 PM – 01:48:53 PM
Kaal01:48:53 PM – 03:21:39 PM
Good03:21:39 PM – 04:54:24 PM
Disease04:54:24 PM – 06: 27: 009 PM
Choghadiya 14 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Kaal06: 27: 009 PM – 07:54:24 PM
Laabh07:54:24 PM – 09:21:39 PM
Excitement09:21:39 PM – 10:48:53 PM
Good10:48:53 PM – 12:16:008 AM
Amrut12:16:008 AM – 01:43:23 AM
Variable01:43:23 AM – 03:10:37 AM
Disease03:10:37 AM – 04:37:52 AM
Kaal04:37:52 AM – 06:05:007 AM
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 15 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:05:4 0
Sunset time- 18:26:48
Moonrise time- 14:41:00
Moonset time- 25:00:59

Choghadiya 15 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Laabh06:05:35 AM – 07:38:008 AM
Amrut07:38:008 AM – 09:10:41 AM
Kaal09:10:41 AM – 10:43:14 AM
Good10:43:14 AM – 12:15:47 PM
Disease12:15:47 PM – 01:48:19 PM
Excitement01:48:19 PM – 03:20:52 PM
Variable03:20:52 PM – 04:53:25 PM
Laabh04:53:25 PM – 06:25:58 PM
Choghadiya 15 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Excitement06:25:58 PM – 07:53:25 PM
Good07:53:25 PM – 09:20:52 PM
Amrut09:20:52 PM – 10:48:19 PM
Variable10:48:19 PM – 12:15:47 AM
Disease12:15:47 AM – 01:43:14 AM
Kaal01:43:14 AM – 03:10:41 AM
Laabh03:10:41 AM – 04:38:008 AM
Excitement04:38:008 AM – 06:05:35 AM
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 16 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:06:11
Sunset time- 18:25:37
Moonrise time- 15:37:00
Moonset time- 26:04:59

Choghadiya 16 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Good06:06:005 AM – 07:38:25 AM
Disease07:38:25 AM – 09:10:45 AM
Excitement09:10:45 AM – 10:43:005 AM
Variable10:43:005 AM – 12:15:25 PM
Laabh12:15:25 PM – 01:47:45 PM
Amrut01:47:45 PM – 03: 20: 005 PM
Kaal03: 20: 005 PM – 04:52:25 PM
Good04:52:25 PM – 06:24:44 PM
Choghadiya 16 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Amrut06:24:44 PM – 07:52:25 PM
Variable07:52:25 PM – 09: 20: 005 PM
Disease09: 20: 005 PM – 10:47:45 PM
Kaal10:47:45 PM – 12:15:25 AM
Laabh12:15:25 AM – 01:43:005 AM
Excitement01:43:005 AM – 03:10:45 AM
Good03:10:45 AM – 04:38:25 AM
Amrut04:38:25 AM – 06:06:005 AM
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 17 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:06:39
Sunset time- 18:24:25
Moonrise time- 16:26:00
Moonset time- 27:10:00

Choghadiya 17 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Variable06:06:35 AM – 07:38:42 AM
Laabh07:38:42 AM – 09:10:49 AM
Amrut09:10:49 AM – 10:42:56 AM
Kaal10:42:56 AM – 12:15:004 PM
Good12: 15: 004 PM – 01:47:11 PM
Disease01:47:11 PM – 03:19:18 PM
Excitement03:19:18 PM – 04:51:24 PM
Variable04:51:24 PM – 06:23:32 PM
Choghadiya 17 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Disease06:23:32 PM – 07:51:24 PM
Kaal07:51:24 PM – 09:19:17 PM
Laabh09:19:17 PM – 10:47:11 PM
Excitement10:47:11 PM – 12:15:004 AM
Good12:15:004 AM – 01:42:56 AM
Amrut01:42:56 AM – 03:10:50 AM
Variable03:10:50 AM – 04:38:43 AM
Disease04:38:43 AM – 06:06:35 AM
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 18 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:07:10
Sunset time- 18:23:13
Moonrise time- 17:07:59
Moonset time – 28:12:59

Choghadiya 18 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Kaal06:07:005 AM – 07:39:000 AM
Good07:39:000 AM – 09:10:54 AM
Disease09:10:54 AM – 10:42:48 AM
Excitement10:42:48 AM – 12:14:43 PM
Variable12:14:43 PM – 01:46:37 PM
Laabh01:46:37 PM – 03:18:31 PM
Amrut03:18:31 PM – 04:50:25 PM
Kaal04:50:25 PM – 06:22:20 PM
Choghadiya 18 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Laabh06:22:20 PM – 07:50:25 PM
Excitement07:50:25 PM – 09:18:31 PM
Good09:18:31 PM – 10:46:37 PM
Amrut10:46:37 PM – 12:14:43 AM
Variable12:14:43 AM – 01:42:48 AM
Disease01:42:48 AM – 03:10:54 AM
Kaal03:10:54 AM – 04:39:000 AM
Laabh04:39:000 AM – 06:07:005 AM
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 19 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:07:38
Sunset time- 18:22:00
Moonrise time- 17:45:00
Moonset time- 29:12:59

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 19 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Excitement06:07:34 AM – 07:39:16 AM
Variable07:39:16 AM – 09:10:58 AM
Laabh09:10:58 AM – 10:42:39 AM
Amrut10:42:39 AM – 12:14:20 PM
Kaal12:14:20 PM – 01: 46: 002 PM
Good01: 46: 002 PM – 03:17:44 PM
Disease03:17:44 PM – 04:49:25 PM
Excitement04:49:25 PM – 06: 21: 007 PM
Choghadiya 19 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Good06: 21: 007 PM – 07:49:25 PM
Amrut07:49:25 PM – 09:17:44 PM
Variable09:17:44 PM – 10: 46: 002 PM
Disease10:46:002 PM – 12:14:20 AM
Kaal12:14:20 AM – 01:42:39 AM
Laabh01:42:39 AM – 03:10:58 AM
Excitement03:10:58 AM – 04:39:16 AM
Good04:39:16 AM – 06:07:34 AM
Aaj Ka Choghadiya 20 September 2021
Sunrise time- 06:08:08
Sunset time- 18:20:47
Moonrise time- 18:18:00
Moonset time – no

Choghadiya 20 September- दिन

Auspicious beginningTime
Amrut06:08:005 AM – 07:39:33 AM
Kaal07:39:33 AM – 09:11:002 AM
Good09:11:002 AM – 10:42:30 AM
Disease10:42:30 AM – 12:13:59 PM
Excitement12:13:59 PM – 01:45:28 PM
Variable01:45:28 PM – 03:16:56 PM
Laabh03:16:56 PM – 04:48:25 PM
Amrut04:48:25 PM – 06:19:54 PM
Choghadiya 20 September- night
Auspicious beginningTime
Variable06:19:54 PM – 07:48:25 PM
Disease07:48:25 PM – 09:16:56 PM
Kaal09:16:56 PM – 10:45:28 PM
Laabh10:45:28 PM – 12:13:59 AM
Excitement12:13:59 AM – 01:42:30 AM
Good01:42:30 AM – 03:11:002 AM
Amrut03:11:002 AM – 04:39:33 AM
Variable04:39:33 AM – 06:08:005 AM

Aaj Ka Choghadiya- What is Choghadiya?

Aaj Ka Choghadiya is the main part or a copy of the Hindu calendar or Panchang, when the auspicious or inauspicious time is not able to come out before doing any work, and for that work the prescribed time has to be left early, then Aaj Ka Choghadiya There is a provision to determine the clock using k.

It is considered good to see Choghadiya Muhurta and work and travel accordingly because within the work started in the auspicious Muhurta, the chances of getting the simplest amount are strong, hence Choghadiya is given special importance in astrology because it Auspicious time is in Choghadiya.

Choghadiya is traditionally used for visiting Muhurta, but thanks to its simplicity, it is now used for every Muhurta. Because Choghadiya Muhurta is different for different cities.

Choghadiya is made up of two words Chau + Ghadiya which states that Chau means four and Ghadiya means Ghat which suggests four clocks and Choghadiya Muhurta is additionally called Chaturshtika Muhurta.

The Choghadiya is calculated on the considKaaltion of sunrise and sunset, so there are two types of Choghadiya, Choghadiya at some point and therefore Choghadiya at other night!

The time between sunrise i.e. sunrise to sunset i.e. the time of sunset is called Choghadiya of the day, thus the time from sunset and sunrise to the next day is called Choghadiya of night, on the basis of which Choghadiya table is formed. Gives information about auspicious time and inauspicious time.

The time from sunrise to sunset and from sunset to sunrise is divided into 30 ghatis and 30 ghatis are divided into 8 parts, making 8-8 choghadiya muhurta in a day and already the darkness of 1 ghat is approx. is 24 minutes. And hence the time of 1 Choghadiya is approximately 96 minutes.

Types of choghadiya

There are seven types of Choghadiya in Hindu Vedic which are as follows- Udvega, Labh, Chara, Disease, Shubh, Kaal, Amrit, so let us know about them, when and how they work, also which Choghadiyas are good and bad.

Udveg Choghadiya

This Choghadiya Muhurta is eliminated and hence the ruling planet of Udveg Choghadiya is Sun, which is considered inauspicious in Vedic astrology as the effect of Sun is considered inauspicious in astrology, hence this Choghadiya is marked as Udvega. .

Labh Choghadiya

The ruling planet of Labh Choghadiya is Mercury, which is considered to be an auspicious and benefic planet, thanks to which this Choghadiya has been marked as a benefic and hence the Labh Choghadiya Muhurta is considered the easiest to visit. The purpose of learning any task.

Char Choghadiya

The ruling planet of Char Choghadiya is Venus, which is considered an auspicious planet because Venus is considered inauspicious in astrology, so this Choghadiya is marked as changeable or fickle and Char Choghadiya Muhurta is considered the best for travel. goes.

Rog Choghadiya

As the name suggests, it is an inauspicious time, hence this Choghadiya is marked as a disease and hence the ruling planet of disease is Choghadiya, which is considered cruel and inauspicious, hence disease during Choghadiya Muhurta. . One should not do any auspicious work.

Shubh Choghadiya

As the name of this Choghadiya, so is its work, so this Choghadiya is marked as auspicious and hence the ruling planet of Shubh Choghadiya is Jupiter which is considered to be an auspicious and benefic planet and within the auspicious Choghadiya Muhurta Best suited for special ceremony events like wedding ceremony.

Kaal Choghadiya

The ruling planet of Kaal Choghadiya is Shani, whose influence is genKaallly considered inauspicious and Shani is considered an inauspicious planet in Vedic astrology, so this Choghadiya is marked as Kaal and through this point often any Good work is done. has not been done.

Aaj Ka Choghadiya Choghadiya today Best knowledgeabout Choghadiya 2021
Aaj Ka Choghadiya Choghadiya today Best knowledgeabout Choghadiya 2021

Amrit Choghadiya

This Choghadiya is also true to its name, because Amrit Choghadiya’s ruling planet is Moon, which is considered very auspicious and beneficial and this Choghadiya is marked as Amrit during which good in doing any auspicious work. results are obtained. Huh.

Above we have given you information about most parts of Choghadiya, what percentage is Choghadiya and which Muhurta is auspicious and inauspicious in any Choghadiya, let us now check some common questions.

Choghadiya is an integral part of Panchag or it is one type which is employed in our lifestyle to find out the auspicious time to realize success in a particular event.

What are Amrit Muhurta?

According to Choghadiya, Moon is the lord of Amrit Muhurta, which is considered to be very auspicious and beneficial, during which good results are obtained in doing any auspicious work and auspicious work often destroys this Muhurta as well.

What is Char Choghadiya good or bad?

Choghadiya has seven parts, in which the third place is followed by four Choghadiya, whose lord is considered to be Venus, which is auspicious and beneficial, which is considered best to find out before starting the journey.

The Udveg Choghadiya is good or bad?

Udveg Choghadiya i.e. Udveg comes in the first place, whose lord is considered to be the Sun planet.

What are the Choghadiyas of today?

Choghadiya mainly depends on sunrise and sunset and hence the time from sunrise to sunset is the Choghadiya of the day whose table is given above.

What are night choghadiyas?

The time between sunset and sunrise till the later day is called Ratri or Raat Ka Choghadiya, the table of which is given above.

Which are good and bad Choghadiya?

Good and bad of every Choghadiya depends on its planetary lord like Venus, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter are considered auspicious and benefic, so four, Labh, Amrit and Shubh Choghadiya are good and hence other three are Udvega, Kaal, Rog . It is considered bad Choghadiya.

Which Choghadiyas are auspicious?

Four, Labh, Amrit and Shubh Choghadiya Muhurta are considered auspicious, that is, out of the seven Choghadiya Muhurta, four are auspicious, which are used in different Muhurta according to the work subject.

Which Choghadiyas are inauspicious?

In Choghadiya, three Muhurtas are considered inauspicious, which are Kaal, Rog and Udvega, whose name suggests that they are inauspicious so that no work should be done during the time of Muhurta.


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